Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lack of confident!

In the beginning of today,is quite okay for me..
coz feel fresh and tidy..
but my backbone gt a bit pain..
u know y ??coz i slept on the table for 5 hours !!
when it was 12 am i started to do my homeworks tat i delayed for a long time ...then feel very sleepy when looking at the words....
so wanna take a rest at first...who knows..i felt asleep !!lolx..
five wake up and shut down my pc and close off my radio !then my hand feel itchy and i started to play missed call !!lolx...insane~
after played..when to bed continue my sweet dream again!=)
erm..say back wad had happen today...when GKK.
wow..gosh~tis period is more attractive for me in the day!
studied for whole day ...finally is sport time !interhouse again!!actually is Red VS Yellow de ...but dunno y changed to Green !
i`m saying tat ''die lor...Green house,...scare to lose !''in my heart !
i feel very nervouse when saw my couch arrived and watching us !!i really very unconfidents...but JY advised me tat ..relax..and cover other player !!but my leg started shivering !!lolx..
first time feel so scary..
at last losed to green !!but i dint feel unhappy coz..losed to them i think is normal coz..they have four main but we jux have two main !!some of them still not trained b4!so i think is it proper to lose !=P
but i most not song de someone in my team keep on giving me comment and makes me feel very harassment !!i really dun like tat !!if her skill is better than me then i will hear hers` but ...!!anyway..i had showed my face..after the match !!i`m not becoz of i losed but i jux feel very annoying about the voice....feel sorry to some of my frens tat worried about me !!i affected u all !!SORRY !
tis is me ..i dun nid to pretent !!so hope tat u all wont mind it !
i will control myself within some times!i`m not really enjoy in tis game !lolx..and one more things...he din even talk to me after the match had ended !!maybe i look very fierce..but i quite disappointed de..but anyhow..i din have any relationship with him ..jux a damn normal i think it is enough coz we jux a FREN!!
FIR concert
many of my frens is giving me advised tat dunnot go ..coz TRIAL is on the way!!they say concert may be occurs again after few years..but SPM TRAIL is jux once in a life !!they advised me tat should not go ...but do i nid to give up ?!! one wanna go ..coz..of the trial!=(
i wont force ppl go la sure!!i wont mind de !!i know it is important for them !...=p
Kelly decided to go also !!she is the only one who interested in tis concert !!lolx...happy to hear tat !!but she say she wanan buy rm300!!
for me i dunno how to die out tat much of it !!lolx...
actually i plan tat tis week may start my revision for trial ...but untill today i haven even start to touch it !!my plan is out of my control again !!lolx..many of them started le ..especially in joy and hope class de!!
oh man..i think i also should rush it up my plan or replan it !!lolx..
my eyes started to pain le !!tired...stop here...gonna rest for a while !!
bye =)thanks for viewing my blog..feel free please drop me some comment yar...!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


oh..GOD ..i had PASSED my undang !!lolx..
extremly happy man ...
wad the ...when i see tis..i gonna scream out !!XD
Issac and me were passed tis test also !!
we got same marks...haha
crazy laughing when we were passed !!then taken the result we went to mc donald to have our lunch !
it is all F.O.C!! instructor say he treat us !!haha
after tat ..we went to jusco to meet GEE,lai,tact,JF ,Gerald!!
we went to watch movie and eats...
not long..after tat movie...we went back..
gee..Issac..and me ..when to yam cha..
chatting all those non-sense..lolx..
laughing @taking picture!!=)
then...i went to mygrandpa house !!
chit chatting wit my cousin !!saying about love @ ex-skul life!
she gave me a good advise...lolx..
*finally i can showed tis to some bitches tat i dint failed !!they have no comment !!haha..

Friday, July 25, 2008

FIR live concert in Malaysia...

FIR 《第十行星》世界巡回大马演唱
wow~~FIR are having live concert in STADIUM PUTRA BUKIT JALIL..
on the 6th of SEPTEMBER 2008
This is thier first concert tat held in MALAYSIA !!so excited man ....
every of thier fans..pls dun missed it ...
i`m sure u will very very damn high man !!XD

rm300(VIP),rm220(PS 1),rm170(PS 2),
rm120(PS 3)及rm80(PS 4)

anyone are interested u may go to tis website...


u can buy the ticket in TIME AXCESS in the shopping centre..

i`m willing to go ...but SPM TRIAL is also in the same week i`m still thinking is it proper for me to go...
and i`m waiting my frens to go wit me !!haha....
anyone wanna join me??lolx

everytime i wanna go concert...i have some problem !!like last last year tat was EASON concert in MALAYSIA....but i missed coz..i having my PMR examination !then tis year...EASON concert again..i missed again !!haha...i went for GRASSHOPPER concert tat held in genting !!but tis i didnot regret was very very damn high tat night!!memorable~

but FIR concert...i dun hope to missed it !! will be a great concert ...every of thier fans..pls dun missed it !!u will regret !!XD

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



i wrote a letter to him yesterday...all i wanna say i dropped down on tat paper !!using chinese words..making me busy checking my cell phone dictionary ...coz..i`m poor in chinese..
hiew~at last i settle up all the problem by myself..
dun wanna think the problem everyday everynight again`s tiring me !!fed up !!
the mail i had send today morning !!all the things was more thinking@ no nid to worry again !!nice..feel much more better now !!at least gt air around me tat able to breath !!FRESH =)

opps..stop saying tis le !!haha...]

tis saturday i going to take undang test le !!wow..sound scare lol!coz i haven even study at all ..
i had already promised myself tat ..i DUN WANNA fail tis test !if i fail some of the ppl(relatives) will poking at me and spread the news all around!!Frankly ,i hate tat happen in my life !!feel annoying and frustrated !!
really hope tat i will pass and save my rm 50 for retake the test !!lolx..GOD BLESS ME PLS !XD

today class teacher had given out a paper regarding the student`s result in 2nd term !!everyone is crowded and standing around looking up thier result !!i saw mine..i got 1A2, 3B3,1B4,2C5,1D7...
oh shit ~i hate tat big tummy alphabet..tat is "D"..
stupid PD makes me got a D!!hiew~T.T
anyway i gonna put more effort on it !!no more D in my result ....i will try my best to kick away ...lolx..

SPM trial is around the corner again !!but im still enjoying a relax life leh...lazy again...lots of homework haven do yet @damn lazy to do revision !!jux like finished two weeks 2nd term exam again !!lolx..times paseed very fast!stressed ~ !!dun care le week only started do revision ba!!finshed enjoy tis week first...=)

drop till here ba..i`m sleepy now!gonna rest lu !!bye...

Monday, July 21, 2008

love is blind !!

Bleeding love !!
Closed off from love i didnt nid the pain
once or twice was enough
and it was all in vain
time starts to pass b4 you know it you`re frozen but something happened
for the very first time with you
my heart melts into the ground found something true
and everyone`s looking round thinking i`m going crazy
(#)(@)but i dun care wat they say
i`m in love wit you
they try to pull me away
but they dont know the truth
my heart`s crippled by the vein that i keep on closing
you cut me open and i keep bleding keep,keep bleeding love i keep bleeding keep ,keep bleeding love
keep bleeding keep,keep bleeding love(@)
you cut me open (#)
trying heart not to hear but they talk so loud
thier piercing sound filled my ears
try to fill me wit doubt yet
i know that the goal is to keep me from falling
but nothing`s greater than the rush that comes wit ur embrace
and in tis world of loneliness i see your face
yet everyone around me thinks that i`m going crazy ,
and its draining all of me
oh they find it hard to believe
i`ll be wearing these scars
for everyone to see (@)
Tis song sound like me !!i love tis song very much coz...its really happen on me !!`s very meaningful to me !!=)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

siew mun`s birthday party !!

Interhouse (boy)
wah...really very damn amazing today !!really very nice today geh interhouse !!first time so busy run here run support volleyball and basketball interhouse !!lolx..being crazy !!haha..

For red house,they had won the match for volleyball but lose for basketball ..jux losed one mark!!but is okay la !!i saw them really very concentrate and serious inthe match !!at here i had to praise them too !!U ALL DONE A GOOD JOB !!the most important is enjoy the game marh...lolx..after the all the match had ended ...omg !!my throut is very pain and my sound is very funny !!i cant even talk louder !!coz i screamed crazily for supporting them !!lolx..very high ah !!

first time feel tat some boys in playing sport are so leng zai !!like Han REn @ Kian yap @choon yean ...wah yeng sai lo they all !! and jY scream till so high sitting opposite of the basketball court !!lolx..really wanna say U ALL VERY YENG AH !!haha....anywhere next week to be continue the match !!lolx..

Siew mun`s party !!
after skul ..we straight away when to sm house for her buffday party !!all of us are so smelly after sport nid back home to change our cloth coz we already prepare our stuff to skul and change in sm house !!everyone are ordered to wear white cloth (girls)and black cloth(boys) to tis party !!haha...quite unik de...

wah..tis day i really dunno how to explain ah !!zhong zhi is very very song la !!we sing k ,playing set , chatting , take photo , gambeling (boys only),drinking ,playing cards, zaking ppl ,eating steamboat!!laughing and screaming all along the day !!

i really very love tat moment when we are sing k in tat k room and taking photo !!tis memory will kept in my heart forever in my life !!sing k tat time ...we had two main vocal tat is Bell and NG ...and some of us is jux pui sing @screaming and dancing together at there ...shake it shake it man !!haha..

when is it singing birthday songs tat time we sing happily and take whole gang photo together ...and..we zing ku JF and SM ..we call JF to kiss Sm as a buffday kiss !!they did it !!haha..omg sweet !!although they are some relatives in her house but we din even care them !!some of the boys are bloking the window so tat they cant see wad is happening !!haha...but there gt cctv !! use !!

at last time for us to go back home lo !!my sound is almost cant give out !!hard for me to nid to talk so much ..but i jux hugged them to replace my words...i love tat feeling hugging someone ..very touching !!lolx...

we sit taxi back home jux used RM 25 !!unbelievable rite??haha...coz we called tat Ju sai hou yan !!Uncle chee...he fetch us one by one home..really em hou yi shi tat we paid him 25 only !!tat time is already midnight ...anyway thx uncle chee!!

talk till here ba...see you !!thx for viewing my post !!if can please give some comment in my every post !!thx...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

vaocational day part II

The last period of the skul le !!feels so complicated ...becoz of something !!nearly brain is only of thinking one things..tat tis few week i also busy thinking about it !!nearly tak boleh tahan le ..first time feel so uncomfortable and negative thinking all the problem in my life..when the problem started to inffect me !!makes them worry about me really sorry !!i promise..i will be back to original faye as soon as possible it all my fault !!doing something tat impposible to happen !quite stubborn~
finally last bell rang !!i quickly went to my car and fast fast get to home...
dun wanna let them to know wad happen to me by keep smiling along!!after home ,..jy nsg me then i called to have a talk and she counsel me !!i had a big cried when on the phone...after tat ..i feel is much more better !!TQ jy for counselling me !!and now i xiang tong le !!continue the relationship tat i had it b4..dun wanna avoid ..happy to face the problem and being back to myself naturally is the most important !!so can i ??
i will try ..

vocational week ^^

vocational week for form 5 !!
early in the morning ..go canteen wit some of the boys...chit chat for a while then we back to class when it is times up !!jux crawd up to the top floor then i saw jy and my classmates standing infront of the corridor le !!busy discussing and taking order from the lower seniors....
really quite enjoying de when taking order in senior 3,4,5..but when goes to lower senior !!oh my god !!jux like monkey ..NO big NO small !!saying so friendly and polite ..they all no response wan..jux like taking to the wall !!and gt one fucker so damn rude !!make me not really song him !!lolx..anyway i done my job !!seeing the money one by one recieve excited!!lolx..
Time to sell our food lu !!
nearly twelve le ~every classes all are preparing their stuff !!but Grace class ....wad happen o ??staring at other classes busy with thier stuff !!our table only gt few bottles of water !!feel weird ~haha....act is goods will always appear in the last !!lolx...ngam ngam hou cy they all finally reached !then we start to rush and then pack and then deliver and then sell !!=)wow..can u imaging the surrounding area ??noise..started to come and get noisy and noisy !!haha...i was at there shouting too !!haha
it is quite messy de lo!!especially when recieved the cash and giving out balance !!lolx..i makes lengky very blur when we are returning balance money !! last ,all our thing is sold out and we done a good job !!packing our things...quickly and then we finished and our mission is cleared !!haha....everyone are so tired but how tired are we...when we saw the money we earn..immediately become very jing shan!!haha....everyone of us can get ten dollar from our earned!!

*something happen to me again !!about one small little fucker !! rude!!haha...blekx..dun wanna say le..all the thing happen after tis vocational is not really gud for me !!so jux shuted up and fine !!=)besides, i have to say a great great thank you to my frens tat supporting me !!especially SM ,gou yi qi lo !!i like it !!lolx...u all really give me a great support and i feel proud of u all to having a frens like u all!!love u so much !!TQ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


ZI BAI ZENG (not bad words ^^is a sick)
Tis few days ..i really get a sick named ''zhi bai zeng ''!jux same like justin lolx...quite emotional and look down wit a shit face !!T.T but i dunno wad am i thinking !my brain is jux left blank at all and my heart feel like somethings heavy is placed on it !!unbreathable....but is jux last for one or two period only !!coz i wanna control myself and dun wanna let my frens worry about me !!today is happened again when it was BM period !!haiz...justin spread tat to me !!haha....dun say tis le chapter ba ...say some gud news...lolx..
red house !red house !! red house !!~
my frens are shouting out loudly and crazily ..Sound Good man !!red house [volleyball ]vs blue house!!my group member tat praticipated are me ,jin yi ,Judy,amelia,ruby..and some of the from 4 !!wow..have to praise them here !everyone of them done a gud job !!especially Judy !!she improved very much !!lolx..happy to see tat !i`m so shock !! first i`m quite nervouse coz many of them giving support and we cant let them disappointed rite??!!lolx...but i missed two ball !!sry...haha...anyhow last we won the game !!NICE GAME !!
next wed again we had a match ..tat is red vs cant wait for tat day !!love to have match ..tat feel really gud @song !haha...
tis friday is boyz turn !!volleyball + basketball !!i will support them back geh !!scream as loud as i can !haha...everyone are u ready ??lolx...
nico in hosp~ bessie is sicked and she admitted to hosp le !!oh god~~quite shock to hear tat !~ she kena dengue o !!stupid mosquitoe biten her ...
let me find it out i will killed it into pieces!!arggg~~
hope she will get well soon and come back to skul soon ....miss her laugh sound and face!!
take good care o^^=)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Again is skul day...funny+bored+tired+annoying+hopeless....
before 8.30
As normal i`m the first person who reached cold today...
and my classmate are late i fall a sleep on the table!untill ah suh come in the class i chit chat wit her!!then JY reached...we had a same symptoms...tat is one of our eyes is BENGKAK !!lolx...she had left side and i had it on right side....when we saw each other we laugh out loud !!Xiao liao lo !!someone them asked us isn`t we go INTIP ppl bathing !!XD...then i started rushing my homeworks tat the dateline is on today !!
after 8.30am...
everyone is shifted to the Hall of Character to have a bored assembly again..i walking to the hall and cutting finger nails along!!lolx..after half an hour ..students moved back to one of my bessie is absent o!!Nico is sicked!!hope she will get well soon la!!then is it ICT period !!oh god~some of my buddy ponteng included me !hehex..coz i had to rushed my homeworks...but i chit chat and laughing away there also la !!not so serious...
Feel very damn bored in tis whole morning straight till the noon !!
laugh sound started comes out loudly from my buddy and me !!four of us (leon ,nic,gee,me) laugh out loudly by saying some of the non-senses away till we finished the whole lunch period !!really laugh till my muscle beside my mouth feel tigh&tired !!lolx...
when tat`s science period ...ww jux like normal sitting beside of my table..ah chin started to copy something on board and we jux followed !!but i wasted ah chin tis period coz i was playing wit ww along...haha have to say sry to ah chin here...not concentrating in his subject!!i keep on dirturb ww by pushing his pen a few times when he was writing ...but suddenly he moved and sit back to his place!!i tot he was kidding wit me !!then i keep looking at him but he looks like seriously then i din talk le and being quite sit at my place continue copying !!but i know he was playing wit me de !not long he sit back my place again but i shifted to the tables besides HR some of his life nowadays...i pretend angry&chuan..hehex...
when the period of Pd ...i sit quitely witout talking wit others!!ah bea asked me y do i look so sad and like gonna cry !!lolx... but i really not feeling wanna cry la jux feel down and bored jek and thinking not to play all those angry game...hurted the friendship (maybe)....
last period ...discussing vocational week again !!CY din present today ...
some of them say chicken rice is hard for us to sell so we hope to change the menu again !!so we changed chicken rice to fried mee hon +curry chicken !so we called CY tat whether is it okay to change by calling her at class~so me and ah suh rushed to find ms KALA to get premission to change it !!at last the menu changed...lengky say he will called her mum or aunt to make the fried mee hon and curry chicken to sale !!coz...selling tis our modal not so high and we maybe will get more profit !!so have to see thursday lo !!=)quite happy when seeing my classmate started to have a bit co-operation liao !!lolx..tis is the gud time to built.....
so cheer up Faye @ get good game in interhouses tomorrow !!enjoy...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny +facing problem day !!

normal skul day ... is really quite funny for me !!XD..
b4 lunch i had one more period tat is teacher decided to teach in AVA room.all the student are moved to tat room except few of my buddy haven go in..coz we feel bored in tat sleeping dark room!!so we jux stay at there and late go in class..for me ..i keep on disturb by tat elephant (kit siang ).u know wad he do ??he keep on make my hair messy like grass!!lolx..and he jux laugh out loud!..really crazy liao ah him !but his hair..nobody dare to touch ..he will kill tat ppl who touch his hair..
so i keep on chasing him around the class and the corridor..lolx...then he hide in to the boy toilet ..but i din give up tis chance i wait him at out the toilet and called leon to help me give me signal when he came out !after a few minutes he gone in ..he came out sudden !haha..then i shout out like scary sound to scare him!!fortunately he scared !!his EMOTION reallly really very damn funny !untill now i still remember tat !! and leon laugh like hell !!XD
after lunch ...still is PD again !but we change back to normal class room le !teacher is discussing the exam paper marks!!but i feel tat the surrounding is in gud condition !!some of them busy talking some of them sleeping and some of them sitting at there staring without give out a word!!CY, sit besides of my table..i saw her face like very unhappy and like quite i asked wad happen to her !she told me about the vocational week tat held in tis thursday ...nobody helping her and give many of them say tat she not tat gud in planing tis...many of the words..coming out hurted her!!i know tat many of them feel very not ''song''but as classmate better dunnot have agruement la !On the way saying tat ,she started to flow out some tears...i know her feeling coz i`m beening assisstant for many years...i know tat being an assisstants is not very easy but we should be responsible....all the problem we face ,nobody will knows...!
no choice~but anyhow...we also should me face tat problem !but really hope tat our classmate will be co-operate ..and tis is our last year in scholling so we have to enjoy the event we joined!!anyways...i will enjoy and help her..if i can i will do ...SR 5 Grace ...jia you ba !GAMBATEH~dun give other classes see down !=)