Friday, March 12, 2010


12/03/09, Friday,
Sorry to the readers..i`m will not update the blog till next month i think..LoL..please do forgive me coz my A2trial is just 2 week times..gonna study damn hard..then A2 major examination on May goshh..i`m fucking nervous haha.. beside that moday my class Pb4 of Law class had organised a trip to Prison@ Kajang. yeah its prison haha..sound excited yea..
but there are to many rules to follow =.=''
*wear slack instead of jeans
*no sexy wear (must with sleeve)
*No camera (even if the mobile phone model which have
camera function are also prohibited )
*no slippers & bags only can bawa ''Bag Duit '' what the letter wrote
my family will have a great announcement to spread bro going to marriage on 20th March =) congratulation for him that he is going to be locked up luuuhaha...
- 15 march prison trip =)
- 19 & 20 bro wedding dinner.=D
- 26 march babilu birthday =)
- 30 to 7 march A2 trial =(
I love March so much !Month of mine =D
bye !~


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