Tuesday, January 12, 2010

24-12-09, christmas eve
i planned to go Mont Kiara ,Solaris to have our christmas dinner !=) arrived there around 7.30pm thankx to de I-phone tom-tom to show the way for us !haha. we headed to Ole-ole Bali !b4 the night we already done some research !!hehe .. Balinese cruisine !
Ah-moi and da bessie

Leon & Maximillion
This Bailey Lime really very juicy and sooooo great !
once we drank that we feel like order another jug XD
Guys this is a must to order !

Coming up the dishes of balinese food !*delicious*

Camwhore while eating !!=)

when to the curve to have some drink =)

while all the restaurant and pub are fullhouse !so we decided to chill here =)

hoegarden <3

chillinh session ended around 11 pm then we headed back to my crib !
*scare of the Traffic jam *

As every year my house will have a small warm christmas party ! all relatives will celebrate together !present and lucky draw available for them !

look at the 3 lil kids !haha..got lucky draw present =)

I recieved presents from my cousin sis (peggy), a lucky draw ,and rm 200 cash from my mama and Bro !!hehe ...Thankssss a lot !! =)

My christmas eve ended like this =)


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