Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween add on Farewell =)

Its halloween day tonight..
but yet this outing is not for celebrating Halloween ..
its headig to farewell party which held at Mont Kiara..
the main character name..Beatrice Chong..
she was off to USA nw as i`m late for this post..
we were frens, isn`t long just about 2 years plus..but we gt lotsss of laughter when we gather together ..sweet memories its always in our mind!!
hope she will be having great life in US and enjoy too =)
cut it short , thanks for inviting me to her farewell party..
i had bump into my ex-school mates like Karen yong ,Hong Quan ,kelly
and others ex-seniors..
which N years din meet up..great to meet them up again *heart*
stay there about 2 hours plus..then we headed to KimGary @Sunway..for supper =P
all of us was fascinated by the music of the club..*pom pom pom bow bow bow *lolx..
manys ppl were dressed up so differently out from the club..we were like, ''lets enter da club man''..haha..but its just dreaming ..half-broked(X-$$) does not have the qualification to say anything haha..after supper our days were ended..

Form 5 gang =)
Take Care Bea ,MISS U !


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