Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sungai Serai,Hulu Langat @ Hari Raya

First of all..i would like to say Happy Raya to all of u guys..
any planning this two days public holiday ?
For my family and i ,sure we planned to Hulu Langat which where my ex-school located..
we headed to Sungai Serai..which a place for 热水泉/kolam panas..
ermm..something like hot steam pond..
wooohooo..the pond water was naturally very hot...
once my foot was submerged in da water..its really hot for the first try and my leg turn red in colour...
but after a really comfortable..its good for blood circulation !
besides,the sand there are useful too for scrubing..=)..
i saw many of them scrub-ing thier skin with the sand...
*i saw the uncle hole up some sands and get his hand inside his blouse and scrub his ass...=.=''*

My relatives gang =)
after the steaming session..then we headed to bt 18 ,san kong temple (if i`m not wrong )

sun bath-ing..=p
i love the wheather there..its so fresh and sweet !comfort me a lot <3
after praying ..we went to have the seafood dinner..
sry i forgotten the restaurant name..if u guys who staying there ..sure u will know where is it..
its quite famous..!


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