Thursday, August 6, 2009

Malaysia`s series Beauty Cooking show !!=)

Last Saturday ,Country height`s nic house..
3pm ,Nic ,Gee and me arrived at Jusco ,cheras selatan..having lunch while waiting Leon and Nico..
then we went to the supermarket to search for ingredient !!ingredient?!for what?haha..
coz our bos (mr.nic) pop up an idea of cooking contest in his house..lolx..since we feel that bored and non-surprising of outside we make a
Malaysia`s series of beauty Cooking..lolx..
Frankly,i`m really bad in cooking..lolx..but i gt confident that they wont hospitalized ..=P
so i planned to cook the easier dish ,FRIED Fillet with lemon..
well,Babi Justin also joined be our chef ..lolx..he makes tiramisu for us..*i`m waiting*wakaka..then we started to push the trolley rot around the market..around an hour..then we bill..the amount is about Rm124..for 6 participants !
Then we headed to nic`s house..start to prepare...first thing i do is to defrost my fillet..but i`m the last participant to cook..cause to prevent out of taste coz my method is fried..easy and fast !=) lets use the pics to show the routine of the contest ..haha..

First beauty-Nico (speghetti with mushroom tomato sauce)&leonic (mashed potato)

see so perasan..*sure win *pulak ..haha

very impatient faces..lolx..

this chef make his tiramisu from start till the ended of the contest !lolx..becoz we dint have the full set of equiment so he make it by his god..what a long procedure..!he really pro and patiently chef !*pui fuk *

Making Mayonese for my fried fillet !

Cooking in progress!!

*Videos made by FAYE

2nd beauty -Gee (shrimp wit sauce)
3rd beauty-leon (Juicy Steak)Fourth Beauty -Nic (Grilled Salmon)Fifth Beauty-Faye (Fried Fillet wit lemon &self-made mayonese)opps..sudah kena spot gt helper ''tolong''me..!!minus mark..=.=wondering how to use this machine..XDegg white which beat till milky and stilky !let`s MAKaN!!!Mark given section..our total marks..!!!tiramisu haven baked out !*waiting*

while waiting for the tiramisu mould-ing..we went to nic`s room for play back the videos we took when our trip in Penang last year..omg,.all of us laugh till my lungs gonna burst !!wakaka..damn funny and memorable..!!then went to sing k in da K -room..lolx..while i`m still *waiting* lolx..

finally ,doesn`t disappointed me..babi chef really made his tiramisu sucessfully !all of us was liking the forks till finished !he is the winner of the day ..lolx..its pretty tired to cook these few dishes..but its really fun and enjoyed.. !!i learned alot !*Do u guys know how to make the mayonese?, how to whole the knife in the correct way?how to crack the egg perfectly?what is the procedure of tiramisu?wakaka..i know *proudly*=P

My day ended like this =)

*feel so sorry for nic`s slave coz she clean up for us all the things.. Thanks alot !*


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