Saturday, August 1, 2009

The last of JulY!

Yea ..Friday !!=) feeling is pretty relax and good !as usual ,i dun really focus in the four hours class !my spirite & mind are thinking where to play and have fun !i`m not a good determined student ..=P Just forgive me haha...this Last of the JULY !
my gang of mates planned to go Shogun at Sunway ..but frankly in my words,i`m really that broke u know !i`m going to buy Eason chan`s concert ticket next week and i haven get the feeling of ''shop till u drop''!i`m desperate so much !haha..saving half was gone in this week !In the average i used up rm 20 per DAY (week of schooling)!In my mind i was like ''omfg'' now i only reliased it !but as i had promise them so i`m going too =)
yea..after class we went Sunway for Shogun ,but unfortunately the buffet duration was due to 3 pm..when we reached already 2 no choice we better headed to Italianies for our lunch !since some of them dint try it before..obviously girls,we use to share our dishes..coz its really heavy and preoccupied easily..=) so we just order 3 its really enough for us..and we order cocktails also..
there sounds funny that the waiter asked us isn`t u are legal ?!show me ur IC pls..lolx..i was like =.='' r u sure ?!haha..of course legal..he was just joking wit i look so that young ?!haha..*happy*Here are my mates..=)

Tequila Sunshines & Grape splash !
we sat there around an hour half..laughter spread through the builiding..lolx..especially that mr.Jy and Lala and Lu yau ..laugh my ass off...wakkaa...then we planned to watch movie !anyone heard The Proposal b4?!yea i watched it !!the rate for this movie is 3.8/5 !!lolx...its really funny..whole of the cinema was spreading out laughter loudly *esp:that black behind damn loud haha..and that soh po Luyau !*

My day ended like this...!

p/s:Sry to Gerald and Tact..i`m cancel the session with them again ...forgive me pls..=)


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