Sunday, July 12, 2009

yeah Its FRIDAY !! i loveFriday alotsssssssssssssss..!coz my class ended at 2 pm !wakaka..

once i reached my crib..i had a call From GEEEzzzz...haha..i miss my gang of buddies...!!yeah..going to Mines for snooker-ing..and have our lunch /dinner!but we receive a small bad`s myvi kena collision..!fortunately ,not really serious...Thanks God.!
After pool,we went back to gee`s crib to bring her '' YoYo'' to Leon`s meet Leon`s ''CoCo'' for Dating?!lolx..nononox..both are female..!just meeting friends..!XD
Omg..Leon`s ''coco''is sooooo cute !i`m so adore..first time meeting CoCO*pics will post later*
after we playing wit them..we went to Hoi Tong steamboat !somewhere near my house.!lolx..

i`m f***king full !steaming for 2 hours plus..!

Here they are !!=)
*spot that Leon`s expression *lolx..

look at the soh poh !wakaka..laughing like nobody business there !cant even see her eyes !
i leaved earlier because i gonna go for movie wit my sibling !Finally i watched Transformer 2..not the ''Transister'' lagi !XD my classmates will understand it !XD actually i planned to watch Ice Age 3 but timing problem !too bad..nvm since i haven watch Transformer ..if i dun watch ,seem outdated lar..=.=''..=P but the rating for me is just 3.5/5 !coz i not really understand [maybe i dint watch the first episode] and i dun really like robotic movie..!sry for transformer`s fans!lolx..
backed home on 12 am..tired !i slept like a babi after bathing !
My lovely day ended like this =)
Nitex..everyone !muah !


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