Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shop shop shop ..XD

20-06-09-saturday the time for me to post about my 2nd home -->Mid Valley..i went today..since i heard some of them said, there are having on SALE can i miss out ..rite ?!=)
its really crowded..turn few round and round the car park only parked our car !
went in MNG ..Omg =.='' everyone was like..craving the product tat much ..lots of ppl..*unbreathable*..XD beside how can i run away for 50 % for the tee and bags..i engage them also ..haha..who cares ..nobody business there..
i brought few stuff also ..i stopped myself that i cant buy that much..coz i have to save for ZaRa also ..another zara fever...=P..too bad ..there was no sale in Zara..i love their product.!!but i will meet MV again next week probably..XD (have to save for my budget ) there i brought Krispy Kreme..yeah..i wan for so long..but the original favour is sold off !=.=''
i love the original !
i brought 1 dosen for tonight my granny`s crib lil small party for Baba Day celebration!

nothing much there..night time i went my granny`s crib and meet my cousinssssssss!long time din meet up !miss them too !around 11 i went yum cha wit them at PISTOLS..

21-06-09 -SUNDAY
b4 i start i would like to say .."HAPPY BaBA DaY'' to the whole world of guy who being ppl`s daddy..=)
As usual it family day for me sibling and i planned to have our lunch at MOON PALACE which located in Mines..the 6th floor.!

we order set lunch for 6 pax...there have mini''Pun Choy ''also haha..first time eating "Pun CHoy"..not bad..! lots of food in a pot ..

after our lunch then we went for a walk ..then headed to Sweet Chat for ''tong shui ''!

erm..any present for my daddy ??!can i say no..lolx..its doesn`t mean that i`m dun love my dad..its just that doing cards or cakes /buying stuff is the time i done it when i`m still a child..lolx..maybe..i feel that em hou yi shi already always the same thing..haha...=P its still placed in my heart !

LOve u DaDDy =)



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