Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emo FaYe

Wednesday ,27-05-09

There are always gonna have another mountain to climb in our life..up and downs the hills..
Tired?!Give Up?!suffer ?!memories?!stress?!depressed?!I can understand life goes like this..I also understand that there are no free meal in the world within any working out..but how can people live contented all the way without any problem pop out ..one of my fren said tat depressed /sad issue happened only u will only know what is the words Happy means?! yea..i agree with her aso !She become of my counseller when i`m depressed and out of mood !She is Missy SAMgirl..Thanks a lot !=)

I feel down and aimless this few days..actually i`m not the only one who feel that ..everyone in PB4 feel tat tension also ..coz EXAM is just around the corner by two weeks more..how can we relax?!SORRY to some of my friends for looking at my LC faces damn shit..lolx..and thanks for thier concern also !we gonna fight it off !!GamBaTeh !


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