Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outing sunway=)

As i said yesterday ..i had extra class for TKS for two hours..after ended we planned to have K session at sunway..i feel embarassing coz this is the first time sing K wit them =P we are around 14 pax..(Girls-FAYE,Shook,Sam,Ru yau,Nicole,Sotong,May)[Boys-Daniel,William,Jen Yang,Chun kit,Leoanard,Jason ,Kenny)

(May,Faye,Jen yang)

Mr Lalazai which speaks english geh do u meet b4??!(chun kit ) &Faye - doing ten girly poses XD
Faye & Ru yau

Look at that Jenny trying to sing gals pitch !=) new fren !

Daniel ..sings like Gary Chao Ge ..omg..surprising me
after 3 hours singing..we headed to Sushi Grovey ! Faye and Sam

we hang till 7pm..others went to watch Angels & demons..which i watched !=)so then i leaved early ..coz i had promised nico have lunch /dinner at 9 !i miss my buddies lar..haha..anyway Nico Gee and Leon gonna start coll hope that they will like thier new life+enviroment lar..Gambateh !


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