Sunday, May 3, 2009


1st of may !!The Music Man Wang Lee Hom concert live in bukit jalil !!
Lee HOm u tat Fucking rocks u know?!
Grace picked me up on 6 sharp ..heading to Bukit Jalil .we just needed 10 mins from my house..!
there were so crowded already !then we lined up for an hours..jokes and fooled around !>.<
while in the car..! so crowded..!O.OFaye and Grace feel so excited !!Ada lagi Justin tat bengong !!haha..
Bengong and Faye.. STupid bengong wearing mask..coz he scare affected by virus..!!Finally the gate open..collecting ticket !!=)YES!! we rushed in the hall get a nice seats..luckily our seats is comfortable and good enuff !thankx god.. before the concert start tis is the stage ! wearing glowing spect !blek !

Yeah..LEe Hom lee hom lee hom !!!u damn rockx...!! (Zhen ,Chie,Justin,Faye)
concert ended on 11.30 !stuck on the park for half an hours..>.< !!there are report state tat tis concert contain 2 million plus ppl !god..!!!anyway..tis concert din disappointed me !!the rate for tis concert is 4/5. it deduted one mark coz gt few song i dunno how to sing !lolx..din do Homework..=P..after the concert i was lost of sound !scream like hell !!syok man !! i wonder y kinda wad a perfect man are him..?! he played piano,violin,guitar,&drum..he was so amazing..!!!LOVE him ..!besides wish him earlier BIRTHDAY Here..=)
everytime the concert ended..i gt a feeling tat i unexpected !i dunno how to express my words..but then...IS FUN .!!tat enuff ..thanks Grace for the ride !=)pity her..her reddish eye appear again..yelling the way..take care =) bye !!


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