Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunway Lagoon...(20-04-09)

Hi guys...this is the last day of my whole week holiday..i feel em shek day lar..T.T..but is fun for today !today some of my collegues planned to SUNWAY LAGOON !The aim is we are going to celebrate Nikki & Daniel birthday !
here is the first pictures be going in !...
the dudes are..(left to right) Nikki,Slyvia,Nicole,Josephine,Ru Yau,Shook ,Faye ,and the three boys...William,Jen yang ,Daniel !=) Toilet in da house !
i scream out as louad as i could (to relax myself)...when i`m sitting those machines ..lolx..coz tis fews week i really feel every stress to myself !its really cure me...!=)
we fooled around for fours hours..5 pm we came out ..coz everyone was very tired and hungy ..!

Me and Yau ..she is the funniest friend..lolx..when she laugh u will automatically laugh wit her..!crazy frens..!=)Tis is josephine..!when the first day i meet her..i feel tat she look like JUDY WAN!!lolx..
we brought them a couple shirt ..for thier burthday present..Ordered them to wear the day..haha..they feel so shameful..but they are not couple lar..=)
here is Daniel and me..!he is the sporty man..he know many sports tat when he told me i was..>.<" haha..

Here are we !SAY cheese...shh..dun disturb he is wishing..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKKI & DANIEL


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