Monday, April 6, 2009


6-03-09,monday ..
Halo..everyone here...Faye back..sry for not updating...
i`m lil busy nowadays..and i feel lazy..kekex..
act i had two weeks of i have to back school for attending the stupid Lan subject which is [moral study ]!my pretty holiday wasted..!anyhow i had one more week ..thanks god !=)

say is holiday ...but for me..i got a lotss of stuff to do ..5 essay 2 presentation for socialogy,1 essay for Law ,one presentation for econs..!Do ur guys allow me to say ''wtf'' ?!lolx..after holiday stilll gt exams..coming...swt..>.<>

i had an ages din meet up my buddies..[Gee,nico,nic ,leon[ns]]..
so sry guys tat i din appear on last saturday !coz i really not free..i promise i will show up on next saturday !stay tuned..hehe..frankly i really miss u all a lot !esp..Leon ..Take Care !=)
sry to kian tact also..for din appearing tat night !

besides..i really daunt tat i will lost my buddies..No..pls..!
Me and nico promised tat we will meet every month a times after they started college which at setapak..!damn FAR..=P they might be busy but i dun care !XD is the proof ah !lolx..=P



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