Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Farewell !(18-03-09)

went to Sunway to farewell for Leon ..coz he is going to NS tmr..!!
leon and nico reached there early so they went it for ice skating..Nic,Gee,&me reach on 12 plus!so we shopped for an hour by waiting them out from the skating !i brought a water bottle and nail seal !we meet up Mr.nabi also !he was going to lagoon!cope wit them then we headed to Kim Gary!eat our lunch !!next we shop for a while then Leon decided to have our dinner around some where in Port Klang !i forgotten the restaurant name !Too bad tat Gee have to back home earlier coz her mum birthday today !after sended her back to her crib then we start our journey !
we used LDP highway to move on !but nic said he can use the new highway which also can go through LDP !and he show me the way to Taylors(subang)by using tis highway !thx to him !=)so Leon and us used different way !we went wrong way makes Leon them wait us for half an hours !haha..sry !finally we meet up !
Nic was racing wit one of the sport car which named Nissan Sylvia(i think it spell like tis )[RX-8 Vs Sylvia] damn high man !!our speech was 160plus !finally we won !i think those driver driving on the highway too ,they will keep scolding us !!lolx..we were from the 3rd link to the 1st link!then...1st to 3rd !repeating cutting them !so sry !haha...
we reach Port klang jus nid 30 mins !>.<
once we sat down we ordered our dishes !crab(sour&sweet)wit buns,crab wit noodles,frien oyster,salt chicken ,&something like wine but added coconut drinks..taste so gud !!enjoyed seafood meal a lot !four of us damn fulled !and is worth..jus nid Rm115!
when back ..Rx-8 speech up again !180mph!!wow...haha...i was like *screaming *haha..!summore the car sticked ''P''= Professional !back to serdang from Port klang jux nid 20 mins...!>.<''haha...fetch G headed to Gasonline..! started dropping her tears..!T.T...jus around an hours we leaved !get a hug wit Leon and say GOOD BYE !!my eye-moisted !!T.T..i miss u !!TAke CAre LeON !=)
tmr i`m going to send them at Kajang station !!so stopped my post till here..!bye..!nitex!!everyone..


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