Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is tat satisfied?!

Went Taylor`s college last saturday !
my dad sudden wake me up!say tat there are open day for Taylor again !Well..i know i cant hide the problem i was worried for a few months ago!okay ..prepared and then have a breakfast wit my parents..then send my mum house coz she was busying on her stuff !one in sudden ,reminded me that ..oh ya..shook was interested wit studying too!so i called her up !she was still on the bed !haha..
pick up her from her house then headed to the college!on the way along..there are so JAm !!Subang Memang familiar wit Jaming !gosshh..
Firstly,meet up Mr.Joseph which is lecturer of Law,followed Mr.Wong,lecturer of A level,& Mr.unknown ,lecturer of SAm sry i had forgotten ur name !
my dad was the most interested on tat day ..among two of us!XD
three lecturer had a gud explaination &introduction of those course!thanks a lot !
cut it short ,on the way back dad excited keep on persueding us to take Law..have some jokes wit him..=)
i know tat i had to take decison by tis week !no more hiding myself and giving any excuses !there are two roads in my life :business or Law...
if i were taking Law ..i have to study for 5year ! 1.5 years for A-level,2(TAylors)+1(england) on the course..9 months chambering..!DONE.!
some relative around me asked me ..''u can or not o ??''
frankly ..i dunno how to answer u !as long as i try my best towards it !tat`s all !dun ever ask me ''can or not''!!
on othersides.,there are some..can say as ''benefit'' dad said tat he wil gain my pocket money ,brought me new lappy,and even he will say ''yes''easily for some requires i asked..!
anyhow..i will comfirming my decision by tis following weekend and register !stay tunned for my decision!maybe i will held out a surprise??or nothing !=)


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