Sunday, January 18, 2009


17-01-09,sunway piramid
As i said yesterday we gonna celebrate Mr.Q`s birthday !There are the dude..[ Faye,Shook,Suh,Mr.Q,Jf,Sm,Jun & Elwin]...
12-noon i had prepared to get out wit my mum and grandpa for our lunch !then required my mum fetch me to shook`s house..unexpected tat ..i had an arguement wit my mum...she was yelling at me along the way to my grandpa house !at first i did not say anthing let her yell as she like..but the more she complaning about those non-sense...i was burst out!i spoilted my mood...and i decided to stay at home..totally out of my mood..
But..Mr.Q call me up..and he sound disappointed..all of them persuaded me to go i should give face to the birthday king !=)at last i went !
Three plus reached the location !meet up them..then we headed to BBQ steamboat have our lunch !after meal..we decided to brought Mr.Q a buffday cake! It is Blackforest chocolate cake..from Bread Story...
he looks contented and surprise..!

[Faye ]

[Make a wish...!!=)]

[Birthday king..Happy Birthday Q]


[Faye & Suh]

[Faye & shook]

[curi snap by tat mr.jf]


then is time to shop now !we r going to search some fabrics for cny..shopped for few till drops !everyone brought their stuff..=)
then we went to wong kok to have our dinner...they are starving too!chit chatting and laughter spread loudly...chew the fat for the whole dinner!XD
after tis they are going to clubbing..erm..i think is supper club !hope they will enjoy as much as they could !

[free hug milk tea from wong kok]

[four gals here]

[the four crazy dude]

tmr we are going to kit siang[mr.elephant]`s bro wedding dinner yor!it time to renion with my buddies and frens....hehe.


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