Monday, January 5, 2009

one week!

hey..two member in my shopaholic gang is going to Hong Kong tmr...
they are going to KLIA on 4 am..and the flight depart on 6.30am..
wow...i think they are extremetely high now..!they trip are around one week..hope so they enjoy tat trip as much & have fun on it !=)
act Faye is planning to go wit them mum are not allow !=(anyway...i will miss u guys..waiting u two coming back and show me the photos ...!!i think they will took over hundred of photo at there !XD remember our plan after u back from HK yar...dun ffk me yo!i`m freaking bored nowadays..!
next ..shook had passed her driving test!!congratulation to her o !i think she will get her license by tis week geh lar...yesterday she was very nervouse &worried about it !so..when she told me tat she passed the test..i feel happy for her too !so next time we will outing..wait to sit her car`s..To shook, i wan sit swift swift k ?haha..


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