Thursday, December 11, 2008

8 & 9 of Dec..

Cruise trip from Jb to Singapore...

i`m just back home yesterday night ..i went a 2 days 1 night trip wit my relatives...i went up on a huge cruise name ''Asian Cruise''..there are many facilities...such as k room ,swimming pool,bar & lounge,casino..etc.!tis cruise are slightly different from Star Cruise..all the activities like gambeling in casino is just recieve payment with ''sing ''(singapore)dollar only..

i will get fatter immediately if i stay there for one week...there are included 5 meal a day!!Breakfast,lunch,tea time,dinner & supper !!those dishes are quite deliciouse ...24 hours i`m jux eating and eating..haha age above are allow to entrance..but i`m jux tat 17+..the guard allowme to in !! tis good news or bad news?!the good news is i get know about casino tat i wonder how was is since i was a kids..and the bad news is i like old??mature??lolx..

tis cruise is okay for me lar coz..some of my cousin are below 12 they will feel bored and nothing to do on board !for me and some of my cousin we can move every where we like !!the most interesting for me is the top roof there on level 9 !there are open air !i love to view the scene of the sea wit the blowing wind !really relax and comfortable..especially at night time and in the early morning !

there are the only thing i dislike is going there by bus...really mad of it..few hours to the destination..have to fetch those passenger of other state too !i reached home on 12 night ..=.=''

*there are few photo i taken will be post up later !not much of it coz i din bring camera !!=.=''


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