Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Draggy life !!

14-oct-08,boring day !
today is really draggy me...a whole day !..many of my frens are absent in school..my class is quite many of number ..around 20 person..but for charity class...there are jux two of them !god ~haha..break the record of attendents..!better whole class absent ba..really gt team work !!in the morning is still okie..chat along the day ..nothing special ..once after lunch..all my blood is sum up in my centre of my brain..lolx..working on !digestion process..hormone secretes too much really makes me feel damn sleepy..especially on sci @ PD period >.<''i gonna slam myself down the table...!cut it short...next tuesday..i will think properly tat should i present to school again !!lolx..

regrading my family..
sigh..my daddy and bro are out station haven back yet...jux left me and my mummy in the house doing nothing !!=.=''once my mum goes out ..i left alone !!no one talks to me..!bored .i really dun like to stay at home..!in home..my best frens is jux my pc and Tv..!i`m waiting for my license and pratices my driving skill!haha..gonna started to do my revision le...spm is left 28 days...everyone should start le i feel !is the last and tis is the golden time for us to head to the success..!!i`m not dropping much today..!stay turned !bye...


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