Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally !

Yea~finally my spm trial is ended !!XD...the last paper for me is PD..erm..all of my gang member are not really concentrate on it and even lazy to do revision ! it the last paper its makes us lazy and relaxed...
on tat day after PD paper...we decided to went for a dinner near my house area for steamboat !wow...tis idea is out from shook ..haha..unbelieveable rite..?anyway..we meet there around 7 pm..we are ...[grace,shook, suh ,justin,siew mun ,shi kian and me] !the price is RM 21 per head ...then we decided to drink some beer to for relaxing and released the heat in our body ..shhh!!dun tell others!=)...steamboat is too hot...sweating all over while eating there..lolx..tat nite really enjoyed !!thx guys that joining the dinner wit me..!i`m happy wit it !!too bad tat others are not joining us...if not ..we were going to mad eating tat night ..lolx..
finally i can online after the trial ...i had a long period cant on coz..have to concentrate on study !!damn itchy ..scratching and scratching..XD..i had addicted on it !hehex..
cut it short ...hope tat my result will at get gud result ...even at least may have credit..i hate big stomach (D) and elephant (E)...dun appear pls!!
drop till here...bye..!


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