Sunday, July 27, 2008


oh..GOD ..i had PASSED my undang !!lolx..
extremly happy man ...
wad the ...when i see tis..i gonna scream out !!XD
Issac and me were passed tis test also !!
we got same marks...haha
crazy laughing when we were passed !!then taken the result we went to mc donald to have our lunch !
it is all F.O.C!! instructor say he treat us !!haha
after tat ..we went to jusco to meet GEE,lai,tact,JF ,Gerald!!
we went to watch movie and eats...
not long..after tat movie...we went back..
gee..Issac..and me ..when to yam cha..
chatting all those non-sense..lolx..
laughing @taking picture!!=)
then...i went to mygrandpa house !!
chit chatting wit my cousin !!saying about love @ ex-skul life!
she gave me a good advise...lolx..
*finally i can showed tis to some bitches tat i dint failed !!they have no comment !!haha..


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