Thursday, July 17, 2008

vocational week ^^

vocational week for form 5 !!
early in the morning ..go canteen wit some of the boys...chit chat for a while then we back to class when it is times up !!jux crawd up to the top floor then i saw jy and my classmates standing infront of the corridor le !!busy discussing and taking order from the lower seniors....
really quite enjoying de when taking order in senior 3,4,5..but when goes to lower senior !!oh my god !!jux like monkey ..NO big NO small !!saying so friendly and polite ..they all no response wan..jux like taking to the wall !!and gt one fucker so damn rude !!make me not really song him !!lolx..anyway i done my job !!seeing the money one by one recieve excited!!lolx..
Time to sell our food lu !!
nearly twelve le ~every classes all are preparing their stuff !!but Grace class ....wad happen o ??staring at other classes busy with thier stuff !!our table only gt few bottles of water !!feel weird ~haha....act is goods will always appear in the last !!lolx...ngam ngam hou cy they all finally reached !then we start to rush and then pack and then deliver and then sell !!=)wow..can u imaging the surrounding area ??noise..started to come and get noisy and noisy !!haha...i was at there shouting too !!haha
it is quite messy de lo!!especially when recieved the cash and giving out balance !!lolx..i makes lengky very blur when we are returning balance money !! last ,all our thing is sold out and we done a good job !!packing our things...quickly and then we finished and our mission is cleared !!haha....everyone are so tired but how tired are we...when we saw the money we earn..immediately become very jing shan!!haha....everyone of us can get ten dollar from our earned!!

*something happen to me again !!about one small little fucker !! rude!!haha...blekx..dun wanna say le..all the thing happen after tis vocational is not really gud for me !!so jux shuted up and fine !!=)besides, i have to say a great great thank you to my frens tat supporting me !!especially SM ,gou yi qi lo !!i like it !!lolx...u all really give me a great support and i feel proud of u all to having a frens like u all!!love u so much !!TQ~


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