Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the month of march^^

although now is already the starting of April ~but i wanna share about wad i have done in last month (March).i feel the month of march is the month tat i din ever have a any little space to rest and relax myself !in my schedule is FULLED of the space !
1)training in school
b4 the our skul volleyball tournament ,we trained for two weeks !every morning 8.30 to 10.30 for training !after tat continue studying in class..BORED& SLEEPY~even when skul holiday in march we also went back to skul and trained!but i curi curi go two days private holiday at Thailand wit my cousin !here have to apologised to my frens !!=) sorry ya..forgive me ^^lolz..
2)Stay back after skul
After skul stay back again(sometimes) !trained again ~then we whole gang when to have some meal and back home !here we faced $$ problem !bus ,taxi,meals and else use off all pocket money !Oh my god ~think back also sam tong !haha...
3)skul volleyball tournament
our tournament starts at 25 of march !wow~tat day really a great day !very enjoyable ...we laugh @cry when won the game at first then cry again when we lose !we are in the position of quarter final ...but at least we enjoy it !my capten (JY) cry sadly after we lose !lolz..she say ''tis is the last year we can play the competition le ''....(em seahh dak)..anyway ..we must thank the supporter tat day like yu hua gang!
4)My buffday
26 of march is my buffday...although tis year geh buffday for me is not very special but also quite memorable de !=) here i special thx to Kian tact for buying my a so special de cake !besides also have to thx to ann gee ,jin yi , kor shin,siew mun,cheng ann,and lengky for celebrating wit me !i recieve a present from my cousin sis ...tat is panties..haha ..colourful o ^^
the last week of march ..i heard many arguement from "ppls to ppls''!lolz..but do i included ??i also dunno !guess ba ...hope the arguement will 55 stop la !last year le ...dun argue so much la !more one frens better than more one enermy mar...
SHIT!i hate tis ~ponteng jor so many days !have to chase back the homework do till me "die die ''har ah ...lolz..summore i din go tuition class for many days u feel i lazy ??erm...shhh!!dun tell my mum !=P


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