Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Daddy....hope u get well soon !!..we are worrying about u !!we will support u when u are sick @always on ur side !love u so much !
#here first thing to say is ...i wanna apologised to my (dad)...
last saturday i was hang out wit my frens to pavillion !i wonder y no ppl tell me tat u are sick and headed into hospital !=(..i really very feel sorry to u coz i really dunno u at hospital and i`m still enjoying wit my frens !...
my dad is becoz of high blood pressure (220 rates )damn high !!it will burst if late to hosp...he stay in SJMC(Subang Jaya Medical Centre )and he had a full body chech wit MRI ...
#yesterday the report only came out ! say tat my dad had a sick of growing ''bone ''chi on his backbone!my mum thank to god tat the sick tat my dad had was not very seriously!!phew~the doctor say to cure tis sick gt two way one is wit medicine and another ways is goanna had a small surgery !my dad decided to take medicine coz although the surgery juz a small case but anyhow is also have risk ...
#i feel very guilty on myself !!as a daughter ..nothing i can help for it juz at there looking at my dad suffering on it !haiz....unuseful at all ~
After happening tis ..i only know tat ..family members are very important in the life !so from now onwards..i will take care every members and appreciate wad i have now !never being regret after something happen ! cry and apologised also no use !!i have learn a lesson !really ~

*anyone who view tis post ,i hope tat u all will learn and understand wad i say and treat ur family member better from now on!


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