Friday, April 4, 2008


wad a moody skul!
today feel very moody in the class !!dunno y ??i think is b`coz of changing the new sitting ,being a treasurer wit stress,and maybe is the high pitch sound of my teacher !!
*sudden change place sitting !
haiz...gonna say GOODBYE to Jude le !sitting wit her really very funny and damn sot everyday !but now din have tis opportunities anymore !!=(
we cant turn back to chat wit cheng ann @luan shen le (always chatting nonsense )haha..!but anywhere we are still in the same class,juz far apart only !lolz...^^
fortunately now i sit wit ah suh !she is the one i know since we are kindies...10 years friendship !!really gt yun fen on us !! she see till me in a bad mood she also dun mind and she still care for me o !but i treat her not very gud !i always ''deng''her when she is saying something !!haha..sry ah suh !forgive me coz of my emotional sick !!i think u will learn being patient on me coz i always disturb u !!lolz...
*being a treasurer in class
really gt a bit regret to being a treasurer in my class ...haiz..always need to collecting money ..can see cant use !hehex..pity of me !!the boys always dun give me the money on the time !always forced me to shout out and chasing them to give me $$$...huiyoo...tired !!i`m not ah long ah !! co-operate a bit la pls,....TQ
*high pitch sound tat my teachers have...
i really damn hate tis !!so noisy la !i wonder y teachers gt so high pitch geh sound ah ??higher than many singers....makes me feel annoying and breaking my ears drum !i think i gonna deaf when i`m 18..yiew~
STFU la (in my class geh student will know wad is it means )!haha...ShhH ..silent please !
when is the time for GKK...(raining day so stay at class)
when GKK time ,i laugh till wanna cramp my stomach jor !haha...i`m siting together wit jin fai ,ann gee, kor shin ,kian tact ,and siew mun ...
we are too free tat we played a game !we played ''ta-ta lit tam-bong ''!who lose then gonna smell (someone`s coat )...oh my god ! quite smelly de !! u wanna know who lose ??of course not me ...he is Lee Kian Tact !congratulation to him !haha...he was being locked up by my job is to place the coat on his face !haha...after he had a hard smell ..then we ask wad is the smell ??isn`t gt a bit kam kam bitter bitter sweet sweet smell ??haha...he say he cant say out wad is it smell !!haha ..jux "smell very GuD"!=D


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