Sunday, April 6, 2008

the most bored hanging out day !

today (5 of april) ,is a very very very damn day for me !!u know y ??let me tell u now !.....
actually today was in the condition of gud mood in the early morning ...7 morning wake up and get prepare and then follow my bro go out ''smooth road ''fetch me to angie`s house !after reach her house wait for her get set up then we went to morning pasar wit breakfast @ get gather wit JY ,ISSAC,AH SUH!!all reached ...we sit bus to times square !
we use one hour to reach there !!but the time is juz rushed up ! we straight away go to Neway tat we already booked on 11 !one by one follow up reach the k room ! sang happily !=D
the bored feelings get started !!after sang we decided when to watch movie !actually i hope to watch the SHUTTER but no one dar to watch wit me !! haha...we from ts we go pavillion to search for the movie !!unfortunately ,no more ticket for us for the movie of (L change the world )..then me angie leon suggested better we go to window shopping !!then three of us when for shopping !we separate wit the big gang le !others i dunno wad are they planning too ! so we go our own !coz too big gang have many suggestion so we leave it !
after tat we go to wong kok restaurant and we meet wai weng ,siew mun and kian tact ! we get some chat and having our lunch there ! then they say wanna go back to ts buy movie ticket !so we 55 go back to ts lo ! wad the f**k ~no more ticket again for the movie !then go play bowling !after tat ...some of them started to go back home on 5 pm!then only left me angie and wai weng ! others gtg !then we nothing to do we wanna join back jy`s gang ! since tat day is her buffday so better go meet them lo!but they all are still in pavilion !!we wait them to come to ts ! we waited for one and the half hour and then they appeared !all of them geh face also showed the word NOT SONG ...
so i`m the first person to go and ask wad is it happen !i ask shi kian first !he shoot me and say y go ts dun tell them (wit a bit anger )!then i explained to him !i@ him got a very small arguement ! say till half i cried ! then we stopped ! the suddenly jy cry again ! i duno wanna how to explain to them !god bless me ! then jy say wit anger ..*if u are the one of today buffday how u will feel when ur frens ''throw '' u away *!! curiously i say ! wad we 'throw u away from us ''??i ask back her do u know how big gang are we ! how can we walk wit so much of ppls ! she gt her gang we gt my gang !i`m not saying about we are not frens wit u ! but normally she join ah shok there de ma ! do i wrong ??!if i really ''throw ''u away from us i also wont waited u all for one hour and 1/2 hour la !! back home more gud ...why i wanna waste one hour more...the point is to gather and continue our joy...after cooled down ! we decided to went to Calabia to have our dinner at there !finally our smile and laugh sound spread every where again !specially thx to weng xiu ...lolz..
  • the story above is already over so dun put in mind !
  • after argue jux forget it and dun save in ur heart and mind !
  • ''left ear in right ear out ''!!
  • friendship will never break !
after home ...still gt something happen on me! wanna know please ask me personally or send email to me !


Anonymous justin said...

wat happen oh need ask personally n email oh
u ice age or stone age one where got ppl email one oh deng lei

Thursday, 10 April, 2008  

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