Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today really ia a great day for me and frens !lolx...coz today we went for a trip to KLCC Art Gallery !=)besides,today is my fren`s birthday !who is Ah suh ...Happy Buffday ya !
we start our trip around 9.00 morning by sitting our skul bus !on the way to KLCC...we sang a song to the buffday star and then we took photo together all the way long !!the bus was fulled of our gang sound !!haha..sry for others!!
Then we reached KLCC within one hour^^we staringht away folow mr.yueng and the art teacher to the art gallery !then the officer welcome us and introduce to us about the presentation there !every art at the gallery really very special and nice (but some of them i really dunno wat is it mean )hehex...after we spend about two hours at there we decided to leave !the next station we went to petrosains....
Not every student going in to the petrosain !coz some of them wanna walk there own by getting free from teachers and grouping !so..only my gang got in there ! we around 13+3(other classeswhich i dunno de)ppl!Rm 5.90 per student..isn`t vary and reasonable !!haha...
Before we getting in to the exhibition hall ,we gonna get into something like space car like tat de material fetch us along!haha....inside there really is a big big hall to present all the useful object tat quite funny !!in my mind gt two machine tat i really aren`t forget !!which is something like rocket and bringing us to the space !haha...inside there feel cool when huge wind blow in frm the ground !skirt also will fly out !!=.=''another is the elephants...we can use the elephant trunks to talk through it and it can be heard by the other elephant trunk tat ur frens was holding !!i played tis wit kit wah !!haha
really very damn funny at first i dunno was is it ^^...
Around 12 something we were start moving out to other hall...we sat the helicopter as our vehicle to our destination (tat`s fake la bt it really can move in the same place)!!haha..i as a captain to take off tis things...haha...i bring them to visit my house which is surrounded by the sea !tat is the machine tat collecting the petrol(dunno wad it is call )^^
Then we went for the 3D move !!about the dinosour...nothing special for me !!rm 2 per entrance.....after watching it ..we were rushing our time to get out from the petrosain coz it was over time to us !!and we haven eat our BREAKFAST !!lolx...all of us are starving there..
then we rushed to the A&W for our breakfast with taking away to the bus !!haha....then we start to back to skul lu ~
nice and rush trip !!haha...memorable day !...


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