Wednesday, July 16, 2008


ZI BAI ZENG (not bad words ^^is a sick)
Tis few days ..i really get a sick named ''zhi bai zeng ''!jux same like justin lolx...quite emotional and look down wit a shit face !!T.T but i dunno wad am i thinking !my brain is jux left blank at all and my heart feel like somethings heavy is placed on it !!unbreathable....but is jux last for one or two period only !!coz i wanna control myself and dun wanna let my frens worry about me !!today is happened again when it was BM period !!haiz...justin spread tat to me !!haha....dun say tis le chapter ba ...say some gud news...lolx..
red house !red house !! red house !!~
my frens are shouting out loudly and crazily ..Sound Good man !!red house [volleyball ]vs blue house!!my group member tat praticipated are me ,jin yi ,Judy,amelia,ruby..and some of the from 4 !!wow..have to praise them here !everyone of them done a gud job !!especially Judy !!she improved very much !!lolx..happy to see tat !i`m so shock !! first i`m quite nervouse coz many of them giving support and we cant let them disappointed rite??!!lolx...but i missed two ball !!sry...haha...anyhow last we won the game !!NICE GAME !!
next wed again we had a match ..tat is red vs cant wait for tat day !!love to have match ..tat feel really gud @song !haha...
tis friday is boyz turn !!volleyball + basketball !!i will support them back geh !!scream as loud as i can !haha...everyone are u ready ??lolx...
nico in hosp~ bessie is sicked and she admitted to hosp le !!oh god~~quite shock to hear tat !~ she kena dengue o !!stupid mosquitoe biten her ...
let me find it out i will killed it into pieces!!arggg~~
hope she will get well soon and come back to skul soon ....miss her laugh sound and face!!
take good care o^^=)


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