Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny +facing problem day !!

normal skul day ... is really quite funny for me !!XD..
b4 lunch i had one more period tat is teacher decided to teach in AVA room.all the student are moved to tat room except few of my buddy haven go in..coz we feel bored in tat sleeping dark room!!so we jux stay at there and late go in class..for me ..i keep on disturb by tat elephant (kit siang ).u know wad he do ??he keep on make my hair messy like grass!!lolx..and he jux laugh out loud!..really crazy liao ah him !but his hair..nobody dare to touch ..he will kill tat ppl who touch his hair..
so i keep on chasing him around the class and the corridor..lolx...then he hide in to the boy toilet ..but i din give up tis chance i wait him at out the toilet and called leon to help me give me signal when he came out !after a few minutes he gone in ..he came out sudden !haha..then i shout out like scary sound to scare him!!fortunately he scared !!his EMOTION reallly really very damn funny !untill now i still remember tat !! and leon laugh like hell !!XD
after lunch ...still is PD again !but we change back to normal class room le !teacher is discussing the exam paper marks!!but i feel tat the surrounding is in gud condition !!some of them busy talking some of them sleeping and some of them sitting at there staring without give out a word!!CY, sit besides of my table..i saw her face like very unhappy and like quite i asked wad happen to her !she told me about the vocational week tat held in tis thursday ...nobody helping her and give many of them say tat she not tat gud in planing tis...many of the words..coming out hurted her!!i know tat many of them feel very not ''song''but as classmate better dunnot have agruement la !On the way saying tat ,she started to flow out some tears...i know her feeling coz i`m beening assisstant for many years...i know tat being an assisstants is not very easy but we should be responsible....all the problem we face ,nobody will knows...!
no choice~but anyhow...we also should me face tat problem !but really hope tat our classmate will be co-operate ..and tis is our last year in scholling so we have to enjoy the event we joined!!anyways...i will enjoy and help her..if i can i will do ...SR 5 Grace ...jia you ba !GAMBATEH~dun give other classes see down !=)


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