Wednesday, July 23, 2008



i wrote a letter to him yesterday...all i wanna say i dropped down on tat paper !!using chinese words..making me busy checking my cell phone dictionary ...coz..i`m poor in chinese..
hiew~at last i settle up all the problem by myself..
dun wanna think the problem everyday everynight again`s tiring me !!fed up !!
the mail i had send today morning !!all the things was more thinking@ no nid to worry again !!nice..feel much more better now !!at least gt air around me tat able to breath !!FRESH =)

opps..stop saying tis le !!haha...]

tis saturday i going to take undang test le !!wow..sound scare lol!coz i haven even study at all ..
i had already promised myself tat ..i DUN WANNA fail tis test !if i fail some of the ppl(relatives) will poking at me and spread the news all around!!Frankly ,i hate tat happen in my life !!feel annoying and frustrated !!
really hope tat i will pass and save my rm 50 for retake the test !!lolx..GOD BLESS ME PLS !XD

today class teacher had given out a paper regarding the student`s result in 2nd term !!everyone is crowded and standing around looking up thier result !!i saw mine..i got 1A2, 3B3,1B4,2C5,1D7...
oh shit ~i hate tat big tummy alphabet..tat is "D"..
stupid PD makes me got a D!!hiew~T.T
anyway i gonna put more effort on it !!no more D in my result ....i will try my best to kick away ...lolx..

SPM trial is around the corner again !!but im still enjoying a relax life leh...lazy again...lots of homework haven do yet @damn lazy to do revision !!jux like finished two weeks 2nd term exam again !!lolx..times paseed very fast!stressed ~ !!dun care le week only started do revision ba!!finshed enjoy tis week first...=)

drop till here ba..i`m sleepy now!gonna rest lu !!bye...


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