Sunday, July 20, 2008

siew mun`s birthday party !!

Interhouse (boy)
wah...really very damn amazing today !!really very nice today geh interhouse !!first time so busy run here run support volleyball and basketball interhouse !!lolx..being crazy !!haha..

For red house,they had won the match for volleyball but lose for basketball ..jux losed one mark!!but is okay la !!i saw them really very concentrate and serious inthe match !!at here i had to praise them too !!U ALL DONE A GOOD JOB !!the most important is enjoy the game marh...lolx..after the all the match had ended ...omg !!my throut is very pain and my sound is very funny !!i cant even talk louder !!coz i screamed crazily for supporting them !!lolx..very high ah !!

first time feel tat some boys in playing sport are so leng zai !!like Han REn @ Kian yap @choon yean ...wah yeng sai lo they all !! and jY scream till so high sitting opposite of the basketball court !!lolx..really wanna say U ALL VERY YENG AH !!haha....anywhere next week to be continue the match !!lolx..

Siew mun`s party !!
after skul ..we straight away when to sm house for her buffday party !!all of us are so smelly after sport nid back home to change our cloth coz we already prepare our stuff to skul and change in sm house !!everyone are ordered to wear white cloth (girls)and black cloth(boys) to tis party !!haha...quite unik de...

wah..tis day i really dunno how to explain ah !!zhong zhi is very very song la !!we sing k ,playing set , chatting , take photo , gambeling (boys only),drinking ,playing cards, zaking ppl ,eating steamboat!!laughing and screaming all along the day !!

i really very love tat moment when we are sing k in tat k room and taking photo !!tis memory will kept in my heart forever in my life !!sing k tat time ...we had two main vocal tat is Bell and NG ...and some of us is jux pui sing @screaming and dancing together at there ...shake it shake it man !!haha..

when is it singing birthday songs tat time we sing happily and take whole gang photo together ...and..we zing ku JF and SM ..we call JF to kiss Sm as a buffday kiss !!they did it !!haha..omg sweet !!although they are some relatives in her house but we din even care them !!some of the boys are bloking the window so tat they cant see wad is happening !!haha...but there gt cctv !! use !!

at last time for us to go back home lo !!my sound is almost cant give out !!hard for me to nid to talk so much ..but i jux hugged them to replace my words...i love tat feeling hugging someone ..very touching !!lolx...

we sit taxi back home jux used RM 25 !!unbelievable rite??haha...coz we called tat Ju sai hou yan !!Uncle chee...he fetch us one by one home..really em hou yi shi tat we paid him 25 only !!tat time is already midnight ...anyway thx uncle chee!!

talk till here ba...see you !!thx for viewing my post !!if can please give some comment in my every post !!thx...


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