Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lack of confident!

In the beginning of today,is quite okay for me..
coz feel fresh and tidy..
but my backbone gt a bit pain..
u know y ??coz i slept on the table for 5 hours !!
when it was 12 am i started to do my homeworks tat i delayed for a long time ...then feel very sleepy when looking at the words....
so wanna take a rest at first...who knows..i felt asleep !!lolx..
five wake up and shut down my pc and close off my radio !then my hand feel itchy and i started to play missed call !!lolx...insane~
after played..when to bed continue my sweet dream again!=)
erm..say back wad had happen today...when GKK.
wow..gosh~tis period is more attractive for me in the day!
studied for whole day ...finally is sport time !interhouse again!!actually is Red VS Yellow de ...but dunno y changed to Green !
i`m saying tat ''die lor...Green house,...scare to lose !''in my heart !
i feel very nervouse when saw my couch arrived and watching us !!i really very unconfidents...but JY advised me tat ..relax..and cover other player !!but my leg started shivering !!lolx..
first time feel so scary..
at last losed to green !!but i dint feel unhappy coz..losed to them i think is normal coz..they have four main but we jux have two main !!some of them still not trained b4!so i think is it proper to lose !=P
but i most not song de someone in my team keep on giving me comment and makes me feel very harassment !!i really dun like tat !!if her skill is better than me then i will hear hers` but ...!!anyway..i had showed my face..after the match !!i`m not becoz of i losed but i jux feel very annoying about the voice....feel sorry to some of my frens tat worried about me !!i affected u all !!SORRY !
tis is me ..i dun nid to pretent !!so hope tat u all wont mind it !
i will control myself within some times!i`m not really enjoy in tis game !lolx..and one more things...he din even talk to me after the match had ended !!maybe i look very fierce..but i quite disappointed de..but anyhow..i din have any relationship with him ..jux a damn normal i think it is enough coz we jux a FREN!!
FIR concert
many of my frens is giving me advised tat dunnot go ..coz TRIAL is on the way!!they say concert may be occurs again after few years..but SPM TRAIL is jux once in a life !!they advised me tat should not go ...but do i nid to give up ?!! one wanna go ..coz..of the trial!=(
i wont force ppl go la sure!!i wont mind de !!i know it is important for them !...=p
Kelly decided to go also !!she is the only one who interested in tis concert !!lolx...happy to hear tat !!but she say she wanan buy rm300!!
for me i dunno how to die out tat much of it !!lolx...
actually i plan tat tis week may start my revision for trial ...but untill today i haven even start to touch it !!my plan is out of my control again !!lolx..many of them started le ..especially in joy and hope class de!!
oh man..i think i also should rush it up my plan or replan it !!lolx..
my eyes started to pain le !!tired...stop here...gonna rest for a while !!
bye =)thanks for viewing my blog..feel free please drop me some comment yar...!!


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