Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avril Lavigne live 08 in Malaysia^^

Avril Lavigne live cOncert in Malaysia !
hey Avril u are damn rockx lar...
love u so much!!
tis day is the same day tat my skul have a Merdeka celebration ...
many of the student din not go to skul even so of my buddy too..
but i have to go !=(coz..i have no transport to the grace house and go to tat concert !!
so i decided to sit ah bea bus to her house !after a bored skul celebration...then i went to grace ah bea bus..

when i reach grace house she was fully prepared and waiting for me to get ready...
oh..haha..i`m rushing to the to bath room and then bath and do tis do tat ...rush of the time man..when five...we have to reach leisure and wait for elwin them..

4.45 i reached leisure and have a meal at wong kok restaurant...
then meet up black sugar..then we went to mc.d buy some bugersss for elwin them..coz they haven`t eating there lunch yet...

cut it short....we reached at stadium merdeka at around 6.30..wah..there are damn crowded man~then we walk to the hall 3 for rm 138 patron...
Q`ing up and wait for the guard to open the gate for up bell and her bf too !all of us are 7 person...[me grace kit siang elwin bell her bf and black sugar ]

around 7.30 the gate was opened...hurray~ the concert being ready lar
...damn high ~

but unfortunately is going to rain lar...i really rained! boys are going to get some rain cot for us tat is foc....hehex...u`ll are a gentleman ~we wait wait wait...hope tat the rain will stop b4 the concert ...!wait while chatting too wit grace bell...and black sugar...

the rain finally stopped at nine...haha...god u are the man !!
the concert started at 9.15...
wow...all of us are screaming along and damn high lar...
avril played drum...piano...guitar...and sang 17 songs...
and i screaming like hell and keep blowing the whistle...haha..
and kit siang crazy jumping together...XD
at last the concert end...

really feel gt a bit disappointed! coz the concert really short lar..jux lasted for one and the half hours !!god~really not enuff for us!no encho at all !!=.=''
after the concert ..we went for summer restaurant for our supper..haha..
i`m starving and thursty too !!walked from the stadium till ts ...!!walking while singing too !!
after the supper we went back home lu ...elwin`s driver fetch us one by one back home...
really thanks to elwin tat he kept his promise !=)
i reached home on 1.30 am..really very tired and gonna sleep on the car le..!!
then sm called me and chat about her house party on merdeka eve..
i slept at 3 !!my day is ended le.. new for tmr again..


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