Wednesday, August 27, 2008

walking along the rain !!=)

Tuition at Jude`s house again ...=)
after skul we decided to go judy house tuition again..
tis time we added turtle and shook member joined us ~
welcome welcome we jux study sej ..
after skul ...we follwed her back to her`s raining o !
b4 we started our study...tat turtle..was humbling along he wad starving
decided. to have our meal..
we went out by walking there...jude din follow ciz her mum was cooking her meal..then we [me .Jy .shook.turtle] called grace and KCY ..
grace had answered she will follwed us and we wait her at the guard house...but KCY dinnnt answer my phone lar...lolx...busy bathing there..XD
then we walk along the rain !!lolx..romantic lar...finally we reached mcD for our meal...after ate...jy and Turtle went to some shop and buy maggi mee and tit-bits again...=.=''it`s not enuff for them ..=)
sit there around one hours...chit chat along ..then jude come to fetch us back her house..coz is raining heavily..
revision started !!~Ms.judy had been our sej teacher le...she explained alot..haha...TQ
5.30 to 8.00 pm...jux facing tat stut sej book !!haha...
finally we explained and we finished up the chapter !!huuii~
i already lying down on the floor le...tired and greasy lar...haven bath till tat time..smmeellly~
then Jy called taxi to fetch us back le...waited at jusco ..
jude fetch us again ...after fetched turtle back home...
finally we reached home 9.45 pm..
our day is ended like tis ...kakaz..
guys keep in touch yar..
hope tat monday we will meet up there again~
i enjoyed the day very much ~


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