Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Judy`s house


Tis day really gave me a gud memorise...=)
justin,jy, and me decided when to judy`s house to do our revision !
but justin ffk me !!lolx...sudden he say gt something to do cant make it wit us ..okay ...nvm ba!we went too !

wake up at 7.30 am..prepare myself and follow my bro out to have breakfast and he fetch me to Jy house !then follow jy `s parent to pasar then only went to bt.11 basketball court !we wait for judy..
she reached there...but i nearly cant recognise her ..coz there are much more different when she was driving a car...i feel tat she becum my sis !!haha...then she fetch us to her house my first expression ,she drive safety and in condition !!feel safe and calm when on board !!=)

then we started our revision jux for few hours..1.30pm..IS BREAK TIME !haha..we went out have a break..we decided to join some frens...first we went to fetch turtle...haha..din even inform him b4 tat ...haha..reached his home !!scared and surprise him!!funny...

then we fetch CY le...called weng jun,siew mun ,elephant also !!meet at leisure.....then we went to min dui min eat out lunch destination....
we went to sm house !!coz jude says she din even been there b4 !
we sing k ..move around her house !..long time din hang out and sing k wit jude le !!so missed the passed...hope tat we can hang out as soon as possible again !!haha....

drop till here will upload soon...bye!thankx for reading yar!!


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