Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya holiday (1st day)

29-09-08,rainny day ..
yesterday night gee sms to ask me whether wanna join them at mid valley or not...erm..tat time i`m really busy coz of having dinner for three tables..in restaurant Sang Kee...my aunt kena TOTO...so she treated us dinner !wow 8 dishes all is my favourite...haha...i had a big tummy after the meal !!..=.=''then we gonna go to my grandpa house for gathering a while !
when i back home i promised them tat i will go tmr...!i sure wont ffk le tis time...if not she sure kill me!=)i went there around 2 by KTM !argg...i feel scare when i reach the station coz i never go any places by my own except washroom !lolx..isn`t gutless??...!!i not really know !!..but i will do it ...i shoule be tough ...i wont let ppl see down on me de (esp all those relatives -bitches)!!fortunately i gt a gadget to accompany me all day long when i`m alone !!thx to my sis tat giving me a such good gadget tat giving out sound ...!guess wad ??haha...
luckily today not really many ppl and i dun use to wait too long for the train ...tell u one things guys...i jux stick wit all those ppl tat same skin wit me ...coz i feel more safe when tgt wit those same skin colour...i know tis is wrong i should not isolate all those ppl tat diff skin ...lolx..maybe i had been giving ppl pick pocket b4 jux gt tat weird feeling ...
erm...say back today at mid valley ...we jux eat and have a movie (Babylon)wit them..then is time to get back home le..act they all say wanna fetch me back home...but there are 7 of us le..fulled ..and i scared gt police ..so i decided to on board by ktm ba...furthermore i`m not really know Ls...jux feel ''em hou yi shi ''...anyway i should be tough and try the thing tat i never been try ...!u guys too yar ...
drop till here le...tmr morning still have to attend my driving lesson ...and joining some of my peer for badminton !!XD


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