Thursday, October 2, 2008

Badminton !


tis day i went badminton wit some of my peers...nothing speecial ..we reach there around 3 then play till 5 something ..!em..dunno y today i`m not really interested and not fully focus in it !maybe i had a driving lesson b4 that it makes me feel tired wake up a bit early..

after badminton..i went jusco for our lunch at OLD TOWN !i`m starving along...then we decided to go yam cha again in Greenlight ..jux beside my tuition centre! at there we sit about few hours ..lolx..spreading along all those latest news..!XD i had a such free day..coz my mum@ bro not at home if i went back home also will be wad..hang out the day ..

then place is pasar taman U !nothing much there ..i feel monday , pasar malam at serdang are more crowded ...and more stalls..we stay not long at there..jux around half an hours...we went back home lu !when i reach mum is still not at one`s talk to me..=.=''..the whole journey ..MR.kian fetching us..thx you !i`m safe ..and i had insured i`m not scare of his driving skill...haha..jk lar..!



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