Monday, October 13, 2008

Mission completed !!

13-oct-08,sunny+raining day..
i`ve done my is the day for me to take my driving test ! all the things really gone smooth as my imaginative..8.30 reached surfine hitech,hulu langat !after finished hearing my instructor explain those importance...then prepared myself to get ready get call-up my name..then i meet up kelly..she is same colour of group with me..[yellow]..but i`m no.21 and she is no.46 !jux report myself ..after around 15 minutes..the instructor called my name !!god!!so fast i`m gonna take the test!!i`m going to test on the road first !!argg..nervous..!!
on the way..the car went so smooth along..but when i get turn around the field to back to there starting car sudden OFF while waiting the traffic light!!wow..scare die me..luckily the instructor din scold !!hehex..

three point turn !!

waiting for bukit test !!

next on is bukit test !!

today i`m really a lucky coz..i used to up the bukit for two times..first i feel so nervous and panic !the car dint touch the yellow pass line..!i shout out ''SHIT" then i roll down the car again..and start to move up the bukit again !!YES !it touched and is so perfect ! on parking and three point turn are not a problemfor me !!i passed all the session !!hurray ~immediately spread my good news to my mum..and sms to my frens!!hehex...i gonna fainted...flying up the sky!!no more pressure on driving le!!my mission is completed !!XD

after the test ..i and a few calon is going back le..i called my uncle drop me off on jusco to meet up kelly and ah bea to get celebrate ..haha..
decided to sing k but the rooms are all occupied !so we headed to leisure mall ''neway''...i had a long period of time din sing song i sang till broken up my voice ...lolx..i sang for 4 hours !!3 to 7 evening !but kelly jux sang till around 5 and she gonna back home le!!i finish up al her FIR songs by my own !!god ~my voice turn down a lot !haha..
me and bea !~
reflection of the mirror~snap!!
then it jux leave me and bea ..we heaed to ''wong kok'' to get our dinner !we chit-chat along til9 ..and heaed to popular to exploring some goods !around 9.30 back home lu..really tiring me..i gonna fall a sleep on the taxi !!haha...
tmr i going to skul ...but many of my buddy not attend to i think tmr might be quite bored!nvm lar..really miss skul and frens..!gonna sleep lu ..stay turned yar!


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