Thursday, October 2, 2008

miss u !!

today is the first day of oct le..the time ran so fast...i have start catch up again..after trial exam i had set myself as relax and steady condition .!but after tis sweet holiday ..i gonna catch up again tis few weeks...!!the REAL spm is jux over the corner le...gonna reach tim..fight for tis few week..then i will be SET FREE !!haha...

today i wake up on 1 my breakfast by my own...(maggi mee)again..all my parent are gone and busy wit the jux left me alone at home..act i wanan go out too..but have to save money to buy some stuff..!so...jux be a good gal at home lar today !=)then i watched ten episod of the moonlight resonance....wao..really blur..even i din change my sleeping dress till the night !!haha..

around 9 something i gonna attend a funeral !my aunt is passed away !she got breast cancer ...!sigh...i wonder y breast cancer will kill ppl !i tot i jux cut it off it will cure !who know's...?!but it also last for a few years le...chemotherapthy also no use on it !aunt ....we will miss u forever and hope u will peace in the other world ...cousin ..cheer up ..!!

tmr morning around 9 i gonna send my aunt to other places le!!gonna say BYE forever !!T.T..stay happy and peacefully !!now is already 2.49 am!i gonna sleep le...feel a bit dizzy !!gudnitex..pal!


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