Monday, October 13, 2008

i`m a nervous addict !

12-oct-08,heavy rain...
today i wake up on 12.30...prepared for going out on family day !..
my dad was already in the car ..i`m the last person who on board !my mum started yelling on my dad..regarding those relatives problem !!...two of them started argueing and fighting on !OMG ~wad can i do ??i jux shout out loud and trying to stop them !!at last i cried !
finally argueing stop ...i walk into house..!''no eye to see''..i`m scared !first time see my parent argueing like tis on some stupid problem!!no one can help me !my bro had gone to outstation!! happy family day for me today !!T.T''whole day stay at home doing nothing jux stick my eyes on the tv screen !bored!~...

next on..tmr i`m not going to skul again !but i`m not skipping classes for lepak lar!! i`m having a driving test tmr!god~im so nervous of it..7.30 a.m have to go surfine wor...arg...i`m scare !few session to test ![bukit,3 point turn,parking and on the road]...learn for 12 hours on it ..hope tat tmr the word ''passed''may comes to me !!i got pressure on those non-sense by those bitches [aunties]...dunno y i care so much of those nonsense!in positively..maybe those nonsense may give out a kinetic energy to me and i get to prove it to them..!!maybe i have to think like tis !luckily tmr kelly is going to take tis test together wit me ..if not i..will turn as a stone..!alone the whole day !hope tmr our test will gone smooth till the end !GAMBATEH !
thx for the wishing from my frens!i will prove it !i have to be tranquil !!
get me some inspiration yea~

stay turn for my news tmr !!bye


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