Friday, October 10, 2008

secret guilty deeds~!

10-oct-08,hot sunny day

When u done something wrong tat hurts someone badly..u will never get fully forgiveness from ppl !!ur image and trustfulness will broke down !..although they accept ur apologised but..there are a gap in between u and them!i`m here to say sorry to them tat hurted! excuse me..of my childish characteristic and those behavier...

message above is regarding to my lower senior life which was N years ago..argueing..fighthing..betrayed..those childish behavier.!now..i`m a upper senior gal tat feel so guilty-ridden to my friends..!

tis two and my frens are gossipping our schooling life since we meet up !memories which have happiness and sadness!the memories of fooling around..skipping classes..breaking the rule and regulation..argueing..hang-outing..those are really memorable!
one day ..i recieved a long msg tat wrote in chinese !when i read tears is rolling in my eyes..tat feeling is hard to say out by words!
its really touched me and i feel guilty tat doing something wrong with unreasonable!after tat msg ..i replied back !i hope tat our relationship will last as long as we are still alive!i will appreciated to get know all of my frens tat around me !=)
show u some felicitous pic and news!read down yea~
i went one day trip wit my family and relatives on labour day (1-may-08)
it is so much of fun...
those car follwing is my gang of relatives.. sanddy beach
i love the beach soo much ~ we are catching crabby..

its look so calm and relax..

then we went to pig farm..actually tis farm are not open to outsides ...but tis is my uncle`s friend we may proceed into it !!haha..really a gud experince...!!so cutie those piggy..!!

here are my mum ,uncle,and my sis..!do my sis look like me?haha
PS:/i cant post too much of piggy photo ...coz..of..haha..

stay yar...bye!


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