Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holiday ends!!T.T

5-oct-08....raining day!
today is the last day for holiday le...arghh~my whole week holiday passed so fast !T.t..i`m so lazy so prepare for tmr lar...!!sigh...have to early wake up again...lolx..tmr i will have the die face again !XD..and i din even do any revison in tis sweet holiday !especially my maths work !!god..have to held up to mr.mice!!BORED !end up those bored news!turn on yesterday news yea...
yesterday i hang out to bangsar wit [grace,jaynes,and peggy(cousin)]....we had plan tis itinerary for before holiday !!finally tis day came..=)
tis is the first time i hang out wit them ..i reached bangsar village around 1.30 noon..first time being there..then meet grace and jaynes at Devi`s corner !then we start to explore le !~haha...climbing up and down the stairs to search for ...really tiring...trying on and off ...really tiring !!

we shop till around 3 + but i haven even brought anything !!then we headed to Alexis ..there are crowded too !!there are full of wine bottles places on the wall !!quite unic~chit-chatting around ...all the laugh spreading out loudly ..hehex..!!
woo~fries!!i`m going to eat u !!

after the break then we headed to mid valley again !!do u all know y i use the words ''again ''?!coz i have been mid for four times in A WEEK !speechless...!!haha..all those promoter already recognise me well esp in Zara shop ..i will stopped to mid for a month !!lolx..then we walk ..walk...we went to garden too !headed to the japan shop at the ground floor of garden !we decided to buy ice-cream from tat shop !tis product is from japan it..deliciouse ~~hmm...although we feel cold and shievering but we still enjoy it much !~

i`m so excited today !hang out wit grace @jaynes,i had learn more from them ...such as latest fashion!although i din brought any stuff but i`m really happy for tis day !call me up next time yar..=) thx to peggy for accompany me too!
around 7 i gonna go back le !!i dated gee and issac to jusco for dinner and yam cha !we went greenlight again ...feel so hungry when i reached there..haha..around 10 i went to my grandpa house le..12.30 only back home !really a tiring days..

school started tmr again le !gonna sleep now !see yar..!bye ~


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