Friday, November 21, 2008



hello guys...i had a great day today!!wanan know wad i do today ??lolx.. check it out yar~!
i went times square wit some of my buddies (GRACE JAYNES JUSTIN)..
11 sharp -we went to Neway K-r00m having two hours singing madly ..lolx..after finish up tis sound become rough and jus like chicken sound..ark~ ark...

then we headed to Pavillion for uh hu hu ~for our lunch ..coz we dun wanan eat so full for tat ..we have to left some place to occupy the meal for our marvellous dinner!...we brought a movie ticker on 3.45 pm..tat was MADAGASCAR ...since we have a plenty of time..about 1 hours more !!then we decided to take photos & have a fish spa !!
[uh hu hu~]
[hey gals] [Grace & Faye]

[reflection of the ball]
[Gucci`s lousy model]XD

[three shoppers]
[looks funny]


Mr.justin have two voucher for the fish spa we jux have to buy two more ticket to entering the spa !so we use it to divide of us jux have to pay 25 dollar !haha..fishy ~i`m coming for u !!XD..after the spa...the time is jux approximate to 3.45..

[Its time to wash our leg]
[look here& smile]=)
[MR.Doctor Fish]

[Kenko fish spa]

then we quickly headed to the cinema..and get in !!tis show really worth to watch..lolx..from the opening ..i laugh till the end of the show!!the hippo and the girrafe are sooo cute !!and many slogan they use up !!lolx..such as .."I Like To Move It Move It''& ''Thanks Freaks ''(on the air plane)...its really a laughable movie !!lolx..those who haven watch u should watch it !!

[opps~wad am i doing at the back ]

after tis...its was we headed to Start hill Jogoya for our dinner !!we had make a reservation on 6 !so since we still have time we went to the basement to take some photo with beautiful scenes....
[twinkle little stars around]

[star hill]

[colourful room]
next..we headed to the are full ladies and aunties !!lolx..its jus like free of charge man..haha..after we paid then we moved in le !!all of us are damn hungry !!lolx..yea..lets explore it !!hehe..

the oyster are so huge walked around almost ten search for the food !!haha...again and again!!XD..its really deliciouse...and quite worth for it ..coz i jux have to paid 58 in other hand the normal price is 80++!!
[Yummy~] [Faye & Justin]

[enjoying the coconut drinks]
[A great night ]
[look at him ..acting like an EGG SHELL]

[our hungry faces!!]
after the times end..we went off from starhill ...and then take photo on the bukit bintang road!! its time to home now..then i went back home wit justin wanan THANKS mr.justin for accompany me back home..and he had to sit one more hours to back to sg.long from serdang !!god!!Thanks a lot !! i promise u i dun crack ur egg shell lar !!haha..and thanks mr.nic for lending me ur member card !!=)

[an early Merry christmas]

i drop till in the middle of the morning..4.05am!!feel sleepy le..bye!!


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