Saturday, November 15, 2008

Graduated !!

Today is a special day for Senior 5 !our school are having the
Fifth Formers` Graduation Ceremony!!
all our us are so excited today !!we are wearing the rope and mortaboard waking & taking picture around !tat feeling is so great !tat moment is jux like we going to the next stage in our life le !..seem like get older and older !!lolx..
At first we holding the candle and then walk through the hall !its seem lie so romantic...haha..
on tat time..i feel like i had became an artist ..lolx..those professional photographer (even Leon act as a photographer too)are holding thier cameras zoom in and out to take photo on us..that feeling is so amazing !XD
The most important and is shocked me that my parents came to school to support me..actually my mum didn`t wanna attend this ceremony...
at first ...i really feel disappointed and down of it !but who know they give me a such big surprise !!hehe...thx a lot yar..!
the is time for photo session !!haha..
everyone was busy on thier appearance to take a good shot including me !!=)we take in group and also wit teachers !the most funny session in taking photo is..we are throwing our mortaboard up to the sky and jumped happily !! great !
when we were sing the national songs,state song, school song ..we sang loudly and feel so touching..and i`m gonna weeping out my tears...after we sang..we hugged together and say congratulation to each others..yeah~
At last the graduation day is ended !!
then we have Talent time concert in the same day !the show was nifty !
drop till here yar..i`m gonna sleep le !feel tired !! will present as soon as possible !! STAY TUNED !Nitex...


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