Saturday, November 15, 2008

In progressing !!

11/11/2008...seem a nice date rite?for me..tis is the biggest day in 2008!!studying for 11 years in school is just tat waiting tis day to come..!SPM IS PROGRESSING !!omg~from three digit days...move to ''in progress''!is it freaking nervouse and blank in my brain !wad to do ..?now start to turn and flipping back the it on time??...for on time..but i will be sacrifying my sleeping time !!''black eye circle ''&''eye bag''& pimples..all heading to me...=.=''drinking Brands chicken essence everyday for studying ...lolx..erm..jux gt a little help out..nothing much !!

i already taken four subjects test in tis week!! really stress me a lot !few days jux sleep not more than 4 hours...!now i feel regreting y i dun get rest and love to be nightmare last day 24 hours really not enough lar..god!!more stressing subject for me is sej !!when i`m taking paper 2..i really feel damn frighten off ~tear start coming out and feel stressing when i headed to the hall !anyhow...those paper is over !!lolx..i can tear the sej book and even burn it up !!

BM,ENG,SEJ, overed !!next i have to face SCIEnCE and Moral paper !!i will work hard on it de !!hope tat i may prove it for my aim lar...good luck to me and good luck to my frens..!!!

stay tuned !!bye ~


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