Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unexpected !

i left three subject now...i was UNEXPECTED tat the exam gone so fast ...tis week i taken science and p.moral(today)..tis two paper was not tat tough tat i expected !!i think is still okay for me !i`m felicitous tat i can get a good sleep after those stressing paper are all over !!

yea...i can tear out the freaking p.moral nilai list le!!ziiaakk~!XD
it makes me used up a few hours to memories up those nilai !!i hate memorising thing!!i gone mad on it !!thanks god tat i didn`t miss out the definisi tat coz me two marks each !!hehe..

it jux left EST,GEO ,PD papers!!..after today i haven about two week to rest for the next paper coming up !so ...i had plan to hang out wit frens tmr !Grace jaynes Justin planned to ts for movies sing k and jogoya night !i had UNEXPECTED tat JOGOYA having promotion tat are half price on weekdays(except on friday )
lolx..isn`t tat fantastic ?!!haha..

isn`t delicious ??i didnt know !!after tmr i will tell u guys yar !!too bad tat ..some of the guys are having exam tmr !!=(anyhow...GAMBATEH !!and one thing tat i UNEXPECTED had leap out !!it shock me when i heard tat !!anyhow i feel happy for them too!!haha...congratulation yar !!erm..those who know will know wad am i saying !!haha..
stop post here..Faye feel sleepy...

bye !!muah..*


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