Monday, December 8, 2008

The last day of SPM !!

4-DEC-2008 ,the day of last paper (GEO)in SPM....XD
9 subject paper passed so is the last day for in me in school..and it is also the last day for me to wear the school uniform !!really memorable!!after tis paper around 12 we came out from the exam hall but the exam haven end jus tat we came out earlier !!cant wait to celebrate !!next i headed to grace`s house for preparing ourself to gather and meet my buddies(gee,nico,leon )at mid valley!
Tis are the photos we take in Grace house!!enjoy and have fun on it..
[YEAh!!We Are Free Now~] [Peace^^]

[innocence eyes..XD]

[ Cute eyes]
[Scary &big eye i ever had..lolx..] [me N Grace]

[me& Jaynes]



[wad are there showing ah??]

[opps..middle finger ahh..@#$%&*XD]


[showing thier body shape^^]
After we reach mid..first thing we do is headed to Kim Gary to have our breakfast?lunch? we were starving the day long...
then we meet buddies in red box at Garden...
hey..tell u guys..really cheap lar..rm9+ per person !!
of course is study only lar !!haha...4 hours for us to sing !!great !!


[Five Gals...]

[heloo ladies...]
[here we are...]

after ended the singing session..then we go to the lobby there to have the photograph session!!lolx..
Graden and Mid have set up a grand Christmas decoration!!


[Early Merry Christmas..yea]

[taken in mid]

[Huge christmas tree..]
Next we went milwaukee at balakong have our dinner...
we sat there..and chat regrading about the trip tat maybe held on after our prom night !..stay turn o..!waiting for it to comfirm !
em..have to thanks..Leon and nico fetch us back home ..
i`m so tired today...wake up in the early morning...have the test and i use up my time in four days to study PD & GEO...really rushing..
but luckily all thing tis i do is really worth...i wanan praise Mr.Sifu D ..he really an intelligent person!!he aim some title really came out!!GENiUS!
drop till here..nitex..


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