Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leo Ku Live Concert in Malaysia 08`

Faye is going to celebrate New year Eve wit Leo ku at Arena star,Genting!!=)
i`m going wit my bro and frens..we brought rm 250 sits..my bro says he will be treating me this concert ..!!yeepie!!sound great !!haha..
coz b4 Spm he says tat ...if i study hard for tis exam..i will get some rewards..!!so..he make it now !thankx a lot !
erm..i wonder how nice would be the concert..i would tell u immediately when i`m back from genting...hope so tis concert wont disappointed me !=)

*besides..have to apologise to Nico tat i cant attent her new year eve & birthday party...i cant make it becoz the ticket had booked and paid..so the plan cant change by tis time !anyway..hope tat nico dun mind it !and i wish her an Early birthday and enjoy the party crazily !


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