Saturday, December 27, 2008


26-12-08..Sunway piramid! the last days for ms.gee coz she is going in to National Service..tis day really i have to blog up !!haha...
In the early morning..,mr.nic come and fetch us ..around a month i din woke up like tis early..lolx..coz he is going to test drive his new car at PJ..
so we are following him...after test drive..everythings okay..he comfirm wit his mum and ordered a new sport car o !!haha...
around 12.30 we started our day...headed to sunway piramid..the first destination is Sakae sushi...have our breakfast !after eating then its time for movie lu..we are watching...YES MAN !!tis movie really laughable...lolx..everything happen we have to say YES !!XD
two hours went off...continue we decided to skate on the really crowded so..we change our plan..we walk around till 6 then we went back to gee`s house..then we only decided to go Mid valley for our dinner !we went deliciouse but i think i one month will stop eating CHEESEs!haha...too much of cheeses makes me grow fat!...hehe..
its time to home now...b4 we left the parking...we take some crazy photo ..
so funny!!XD have a look..

[wad happen??]


[crazy look]


[formal look]

[smile ^^]


[opps...half of it...sry]

[Frens 4ever]

[cool man!! ]

[dead !!]XD

one by one mr.nic send us home...once reach the home..we[gals] cried sadly inside the car !!hugged hardly ..!all of us are so touchful and miss Gee..haih..i will be damn bored in one always chill out wit me,, even i lost my best bessie for three month cant accompany me..!!i`m waiting for u back from tat cage !miss u a lot Ann Gee...!hope so u enjoy in NS !!take care !!=)
*tmr we are sending her to the station..shh!!dun tell her..we gonna give her a huge surpirse haha!!=)nitex..


Blogger babbler said...

I like your blog! I was just looking at the pictures, you and your friends have so much fun!! I went to Singapore once, I liked it alot. I live in Oregon, USA, at the coast near a city called Newport.

Saturday, 27 December, 2008  
Blogger Faye said...

thx for giving me comment !haha..
nice to meet u !ya..i went singapore too..its realy a nice country !oh..hope tat u may enjoy every post of my blog !thx !

Tuesday, 30 December, 2008  

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